The Return Home – Leon and Border Crossings for Days

    We found ourselves in a difficult situation. Our budget was well blown and we were entering our reserve account… Solid work starts for us with the coming of winter and we were miles and miles from the Colorado Rockies and snow. We made the extremely tough decision to book it home – we…

Sunsets for Days

Welcome to our library of our most important ritual of trip. Not much reading here, strictly beautiful pictures.    

The Dreaded Day. The El Salvador-Honduras-Nicaragua Day

It’s the Overland D-day. The 2 borders in one day… The 80 miles of Honduras… The-know that you are most likely going to be pulled over for not using a turn signal when you never made a turn-day. This could be a terribly boring blog to read if you don’t plan to do this drive…

El Salvador

After revisiting Antigua for a couple more nights, we were ready to cross a border. There are 5 border crossing options from Guatemala to El Salvador. We chose the closest one to Ahuachapan. The drive through Guatemala was reasonably painless and we made sure to get gas on the Guate side, it’s a bit cheaper….