The Return Home – Leon and Border Crossings for Days



We found ourselves in a difficult situation. Our budget was well blown and we were entering our reserve account… Solid work starts for us with the coming of winter and we were miles and miles from the Colorado Rockies and snow. We made the extremely tough decision to book it home – we planned a few stops along the way and hit the road, regretfully.

Good Bye Nicaragua

We said goodbye to all the wonderful people we had met in San Juan del Sur and headed back to Las Penitas for a night or 2 of surfing, planned one night in Leon and headed back to El Salvador.

Las Penitas
Baby Parrot in Las Penitas – How freaking cute is this guy!?
Leon, Nicaragua

We stayed in a hotel that offered us secured parking in Leon. I’m sad to say that I barely did any research on the city before heading into it – we just knew we had 1 night to see it and neither of us had been there before. Leon was wonderful – so much food and history. I’m so sorry we rushed it and I will definitely visit again in the future and do the city some justice.


But even with the small amount of time, we did do some serious walking and eating in the one night we gave ourselves.


One of the funniest parts of our stay was there was this area outside a church that had an electronics display set up and they were just BLASTING music… The song of choice was the full, uncensored version of Nicki Minaj – Anaconda. If you aren’t familiar with the song… lets just say that its not kid friendly.


The architecture was true with all the other colonial cities in Central America – absolutely beautiful. The city gave us the feeling of a college town. The centro had tons of people wandering about at all hours. There was a beautiful festival going on with native costumes and dances. It was a spectacular day for our visit.


I found Aslan… Had no idea we ended up in Narnia!
Killer sunset over Leon
Goodbye beautiful Nica

We headed for the Honduras border bright and early and… our drive was just as excepted. Long and delayed.



We hit the border to enter Honduras at a time that no one was there… AGAIN. We found migracion empty… again. We had to wait for customs to come back to get our vehicle transferred out of  the country. There was no way I wasn’t going to be the first in line to get this done because the drive back to the states awaited us and we had 3 other countries to get through in the next couple weeks. This was just the beginning of endless miles in the car without stopping.


Our drive through Honduras wasn’t without excitement… It wouldn’t be Honduras if it had been. The pothole areas seemed to be very different on the other side of the road and although we didn’t see any poor animals used to fill potholes this time, we did almost get into a horrific accident that left both of us shaking. While coming around a corner, someone decided it was a perfect time to back out into our lane… and cross into the other lane in the process. We swerved into the empty oncoming lane, but the car blocking our way went that way also. We almost went off the road and luckily squeezed right past him. It left both of us shaking. We decided we needed to stop and grab snacks and get rid of the shaky hands. Dave asked me what I wanted from the tienda and I said “beer”. We hadn’t stopped in Honduras before, which means I had yet to taste their cerveza. He was sweet enough to buy me one of each native beers the store had. We split them… yes, while driving – whoops. I have to say, the Honduran beer was pretty good! A bit like heineken, it was a welcomed switch from the other beer we had been drinking.

All beer aside, it wasn’t enough to get us to stay – so onto El Salvador.


So this day happened to be the hottest day we had on all our trip. It was a scorcher. At the first Honduran border, it is at least in a building. The north border for us this time wasn’t too long – over a solid hour of copies and back and forth. It wasn’t too bad though, you are in the shade. We enter into El Salvador… on a Sunday and the main border area was freaking closed. So you had to check into one building for migracion and then drive 2 miles down the road to the OLD border building to the aduana. We arrived, filled our paper work out and were directed to the truck building to finalize. We pull up and all the officials are heading into a building for a meeting. Well, I hope this never happens to anyone else because it was awful. Over 2 hours of sitting outside in the heat waiting for this meeting to adjourn. We were approaching the time the border closed and we were wondering what happened if they didn’t let us in.  They came out in the nick of time. Our whole border time was over 4 hours after all said and done – it put a wrench in our plans to say the least.

Detroit lives!!! In… El Salvador.

We headed to our trusty hotel in San Miguel and ordered room service and beers. I think we slept like babies that night after a hot shower… the 2nd to last hot shower we would have before being back in the states. This would also be the last time we would sleep outside of our vehicle for the return.

The next morning, we took off as soon as it was light and drove and drove… all the way back to Antigua.



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