The Return Home – Antigua

Of course Antigua gets its own short post. I love this place so darn much.

But first ~ more border crossings.


Driving in the oncoming lane to pass the trucks

We decided to cross at the Hachadura border going north – why? Why not! We hadn’t been that way yet so we thought, what the heck! The border was very simple to cross but only had one lane coming in and out for trucks and cars alike. At this point in anyone’s trip through Central America, you know what kind of pain this can be. Trucks take a much longer time to cross the border and you will be stuck for hours with them unless you… just go. So we skipped the line, whether that is legal or not, and crossed. Onward to Antigua!


The highway to Antigua was uneventful and just as beautiful as it could be… except this part. There was a field burning going on and apparently no wind to carry the smoke. Craziest thing we drove through the whole trip. This was a bright and beautiful sunny day by the way.

Guatemala is beautiful


Policia getting ready for a day of work

We decided to skip the hostel life and paying for parking when we arrived in Antigua – it was time to commit to the overland life, all about 3 months late – and we headed for the tourist park to camp out. Although the camping was supposed to be free, they were not allowing anyone into the campground who didn’t have their own bathroom. So naturally, we gave them money to let us in.

DSCN1929 DSCN1930

At the tourist station, you literally camp within the ruins of the old capitol. It doesn’t get much better than that.  We spent a few nights in Antigua before planning the return to Mexico. It was a very difficult departure and left a whole in my heart and a pit in my stomach to leave this beautiful place with the wonder of when we will be able to return. I remain hopelessly homesick for Antigua.

La gente de Antigua
Dave in his happy place – the largest latte he could find
Curry for breakfast – every day any day
This was our “goodbye Guate” day. We stopped at the very gringo gas station when heading south out of Antigua and found the did breakfast to go. Now, this isn’t your American breakfast burrito because you can’t eat it with your hands but… holy taste buds batman! This was one of the best breakfast’s we had.
And as a parting gift to myself… a solid bathroom photo. 2Q to use this… um, shack. I have become even more of a professional nature girl on this trip. Free pees behind trees.



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  1. Interesting! The smog reminds me of the burning season here in Chiang Mai, from March all the farmers set fire to the crops and it becomes a living hell! You’re advised not to leave the house because the pollution levels are so high. Most people run to the south of Thailand, but I’m heading home!

  2. everyfootstepanadventure says:

    I actually don’t know much about South America or Central America so this was a really interesting read! That curry wrap thing looks amazing! I love curry 😀

  3. Nice article and awesome pics, now I want to visit Antigua too =)

  4. blondeontheroadtravelblog says:

    NIce article and cool pics! Now you made me want to go to Antigua too =)

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