Laguna de Apoyo


Let’s talk about heaven on earth. It’s here.
Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua is tied as my favorite place in Nicaragua. We have been to Little Corn Island on a previous trip and if you’ve been there, you know it’s absolute paradise. Apoyo competes with Little Corn in my book.
Situated right smack between Granada and Masaya, Apoyo is a great home base for other adventures. The lake itself is in the caldera of an extinct erupted volcano. Its freshwater is always a perfect temperature to help beat the heat. The jungle surrounding the area holds howlers and an array of birds. Every morning, right after sunrise I would have tea and watch the Nicaraguan national bird, the motmot, hop from tree to tree. I was never lucky enough to get a picture of one but they are very beautiful.

We arrived at Paradiso on the lake the day after a large storm. The power, phones and wifi had been knocked out. We stayed in the 4runner so it didn’t affect us much except the 2 days without contact with the outside world turned into some of my favorite. When a hostel loses its wifi the entire atmosphere changes. More people come out of their rooms, no one wastes the day away in the lounge area. Throwing a football in the water to someone on the dock and board games become the most important things your slow life. Who you eat diner with becomes one of the most exciting parts of the whole day. After a full day sans wifi, people stop checking to see if its turned back on. No Skype, no Facebook. It was very refreshing.



The area does’t have much going on. There are a few food stands down the road but we ate at Paradiso every meal, it honestly was just too good to pass up. You are able to set up hiking tours from here, as well as visit Granada and Masaya. Having stayed in Granada before, this was way higher on my list for accommodation. The car lot is high up on the property, far away enough from the bar that piece and quiet is yours whenever you wish to have it.





The property at Paradiso is built into a pretty steep hill. As you descend the area, each area has a little different something to offer. There is a huge open patio with hammocks and chairs, a separate breakfast area, a TV lounge, game area, bar and beach. Everything you need to never be bored and relax your entire stay.



The sunsets aren’t far from the sunrises if you get a perfect amount of clouds in the sky. This will always be on my to do list when visiting Nicaragua from here on out. There is not much else to report on this place. We really didn’t do much but enjoy the company of new friends and float in the lake for hours on end. It really struck home being back on a lake, realizing how much we missed living on water really made us feel at home here.





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